Spring Means Big Change

I sit on an airplane, as I write this post to you all, flying thousands of feet over the western United States.  The transition from Winter to Spring is one of the few times of the year that we can make time for a get-away.  This year it is a very unique transition due to all the changes we are in the process of experiencing.  Though Lindsey and I are excited to explore the Pacific Northwest and visit old friends, we are even more excited about the changes in our Northern Minnesota world. 

It would be my preference to sit around a campfire with each of you and share all the changes we have experienced since last summer.  Since I won’t get to do that any time soon, this post will have to do.           

To summarize, Lindsey and I are excited to announce that we are moving into full time operation of Spirit Guiding Adventures this summer season.  We were so rewarded last year by all we got to share with you in our adventures that we want to open our schedule to do more of that with more of you. 

Not only will we be offering our signature, “Canoe to Rock Climb” trips, but we are expanding to everything from trail hikes to overnight introductory canoe trips and will operate from Trail’s End to the North Shore of Lake Superior.  This next year will include a year-round guiding schedule for every season’s activities. 

One loss in this change is the amount of time we got to spend with Bearskin guests the last two years.   It was such a joy to share campfires, beach sunsets, and picnics with you all.  We have fond memories of so much silliness, laughter, and deep connecting conversations.  We sincerely hope you pay us a visit and think of us for your family’s guided adventures this summer season.  There is a lot you have to catch us up on and a lot more adventure to be had. 

With that, we are off to create some fond memories with each other in a new and exciting place.  We hope to do the same with you soon. 



As I try to find the words for our first blog post, I am recalling the reasons Matthew and I moved to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  We came here with the intention of living life with awareness and purpose, to bring our spirits home to the wilderness and walk along side others who desire to do the same. These intentions and desires created the space to dream and led to the birth of Spirit Guiding Adventures.

As I reflect on the process of creating Spirit Guiding Adventures,  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion for the opportunities we have experienced over this past year.  Some highlights have included meeting our awesome mentor, discovering a wonderful community, feeling the love and support from all of our friends and family, presenting at the Midwest Mountaineering Expo, our road trip out west for Matthew's SPI certification, and the many climbing and rappelling trips we have guided.  Out of all of these opportunities, the most memorable moments are the experiences we have been lucky enough to have in which we were able to connect to and share life with other amazing human beings.  These connections and these amazing human beings shape the world into a more beautiful and hopeful place.

It is with great excitement that we launch this blog, so that we can share these beautiful experiences and people. Each moment has come with lessons and learning that are far too valuable to keep to ourselves.  Come join us, and share in this adventure we are blessed to call life.