"I wanted my daughters to have the experience of rock climbing, something I did in my youth. I could not have dreamed of a better first time experience. Matthew and Lindsey are knowledgeable, experienced and excellent instructors. Their ability to explain the what, how, and where was excellent. They are very nice caring people and their joy of life and what they are doing is ever present. I went along just as "photographer" and experienced a wonderful, rejuvenating and bonding experience with my daughters. I highly recommend paddling and climbing with SGA and look forward to next year's great adventure." Mary Anne


"David and I had an amazing first outdoor climbing experience with Matthew and Lindsey. They couldn't have been more helpful and encouraging, and the entire experience was spectacular. Thanks for handling all the details so that we could really enjoy the day. We can't recommend Spirit Guiding Adventures enough!"

- Lisa


"Knowledgeable both in technical details and in how to take on new challenges, I wouldn't recommend anyone else for guides along the North Shore, especially for those new to climbing. I had a blast ice climbing with Matthew and Lindsey and will hopefully be able to join them for another adventure soon!" -Courtney


"They were excellent instructors and it was an awesome outing!!"-Kevin


"SGA is amazing! I felt so safe and comfortable through every part of the trip. I loved being pushed out of my comfort zone and accomplishing something I have always dreamed of doing."-Katie


"If you are ever in the Grand Marais/Gunflint area and looking for something fun and physical, Matthew and Lindsey at Spirit are excellent. My son, daughter and I did a canoe-rappelling afternoon with them, and they were great! We were all beginner rappellers and they took very good care of us."-Paul